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Taste Bud Entertainment ...


Imagine for a moment, waking up one day to discover you had lost your sense of taste and smell! You cannot detect the flavour of anything you put in your mouth. Nothing you eat or drink gives you any pleasure. If your Doctor told you this affliction was incurable, how would that change your life - and your dietary choices? Humans possess around 10,000 taste-buds that can detect sweet, sour, salty, spicy, peppery and bitter foods. Unfortunately your taste-buds are not very smart, they are not capable of judging the GOODNESS VALUE of anything you eat or drink. If your body could talk it might say "Don't be fooled by processed foods that are deliberately engineered to encourage addictive cravings. Instead, balance your desire for 'taste-bud entertainment' with broad spectrum, nutrient rich, non-processed whole foods that are close to their natural state".


In other words, keep adding the 'good stuff' to your daily diet in order to nourish the hundred trillion or more cells in your heart, your brain and other life supporting organs. And don't forget the even greater number of 'good bacteria' living in your gut that dominate your immune system - they will thank you for being so thoughtful.      


I'm On A Diet, Get Me Out Of Here!


The vast majority of people in our society have at one time or another tried to lose weight in order to be healthier, live longer or maybe improve their appearance. Unfortunately the word 'diet' has been hijacked by food companies, weight-loss clubs and others who sell products and services promising to make you slimmer and more attractive. In fact, the real meaning of 'diet' is everything you eat and drink ... therefore everyone is on a diet! Some people really believe that the more low-fat yoghurt and fake butter spreads they consume or the more diet cola they drink, the more weight they will lose. But don't blame the food manufacturers, they are simply exploiting the many millions of gullible people who are willing to believe bogus and misleading marketing messages. Ultimately it is the consumer that decides what goes in to their shopping basket ... no one else!


Optimum health relies to a great degree on providing every cell in your body with sufficient amounts of useful and essential nutrients. Some people reckon their body 'talks' to them, warning of any deficiences there may be in their diet. If your body could REALLY talk it would tell you exactly what to eat and what to avoid and there would be little need for anyone to ever consider 'going on a diet'. As no one possesses a super-human ability to communicate with their inner intelligence at the cellular level, the next best option is to consider the reams of independent expert opinion, scientific evidence and clinical studies that have been documented over countless centuries ...


It is this accumulated wisdom that inspired The London Health Centre to build a reference library of informed opinion and scientific evidence that may help you become the best you can be, for the rest of your life! To access our knowledge base you should complete our Membership request form on the Contact page.

"If you keep adding enough of the good stuff to your

daily diet, then eventually you'll crowd out the bad stuff"

This tempting selection of vegetables would be a healthy addition to almost any meal. However, by adding a particular culinary ingredient to this attractive dish, not only are you more likely to absorb certain important nutrients contained in these veggies, but you will also improve the flavour of your meal, meaning your 'taste-bud-entertainment' will be greatly enhanced!


Did you know?... Some humans may only absorb a fraction of certain types of vitamins found in fresh fruits, salads, and vegetables. Unfortunately a significant percentage of these nutrients are often wasted if they are not consumed together with 'good fats' ... many of these healthy phyto-nutrients such as Vitamins A, D, E, and K are 'fat soluble', which means the body can only absorb them optimally at the cellular level in the presence of fat.


A recent University study found that eating a salad together with dressings rich in 'good fats' greatly boosted the body’s ability to absorb cancer-fighting nutrients and important vitamins from a selection of vegetables that were used for the trial. The Diet Coach Team have compiled a list of these 'good fats' for your review. To receive this information, simply apply for Membership of The London Health Centre via our Contact page. When your Membership has been confirmed we will send you a copy of our 'Good Fats' Report.


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Caution: Always consult a Doctor or other health care professional before changing your diet or exercise programme