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Why Would Anyone Eat This?


A shocked diner published these two comparison images on social media of KFC's new 'Ricebox' Meal. It's not hard to tell which is the staged photo for the advert (far left) and what was actually served up to this unfortunate KFC customer! The ricebox meal that the customer purchased looks absolutely nothing like the promo. Its limp pieces of battered chicken are covered in a sickening-looking white sauce together with some over-cooked rice... It made the diner so angry that he posted a comparison snap on Reddit. And it’s now gone viral with hundreds of other customers echoing his thoughts.


The customer is quoted as saying: “What I thought I was eating, what I actually got... it cost me £6.09 which is about $9.25. I don’t expect it to look perfect, but I do expect more than a tiny scoop of rice and half a chicken breast,” he wrote.


The 'take home' message? For a fraction of the price you can enjoy a tasty, nutritious and freshly cooked meal prepared in your own kitchen. But don't criticise the fast food outlets, blame their customers for visiting these establishments. If you suffer the same fate, simply ask for a refund and don't go there again!  


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